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Sunday, June 05, 2005

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The countdown has begun. It is a week today when I will touch down in Paris for a week of rock n' roll excess!! I have a new toy on my blog, scroll down for a cool, fun translation toy. Ever wanted to know how to say, "two portions of chips and a pitcher of ale my good man" in german?
(its "zwei Teile Späne und ein Krug Ale mein guter Mann" by the way!) here's your chance! I want to spread my blog about a bit, as I'm not getting much traffic my way. Anyone got any good tips??



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Here you go - A delightful Quiz! - Thanks girls!

Whats your Led Zep theme song?

Rock Guitarists

Word Up! Everybody Sing

Album imminant

Nervous, No, Anxious, No Nervous, No, Anxious, No ...

Hey....It keeps me amused!

News and Views

I'm going to PARIS!!

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