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Saturday, January 22, 2005


Ok so I've visited Allie's site and borrowed this questionnaire
[x] full name : Simon Lynch
[x] nicknames : Si, Si-Ko, Al Wannabe, Lynchie, Neo (!?)
[x] birthdate : 18th November 1981
[x] sign : Scorpio
[x] eyes : Blue, green, Brown
[x] three main interests : Music, Reading, Socialising
[x] describe yourself in five words : Silly, Rock, Shy, Loyal, Strange
[x] favourite colour(s) : Black, Red
[x] favourite drink(s) : Beer of the Belgian variety
[x] favourite food : Filling
[x] favourite flower(s) : Rose, foxglove, carnations
[x] best friend ever : Si Brown (RIP)
[x] favourite day of the week : friday night
[x] phone or e-mails : Phone
[x] bedtime ? around midnight on weekdays.... later on weekends!
[x] your goals for 2005 ? Get fit, reocrd the solo album find love :-)
Rewind[x] favourite word of all time : ROCK!
[x] first kiss : 14 a girl called Rachel
[x] first girlfriend/boyfriend : Sophie
x] first sex : A girl called Katie very fumbling and weird
Love[x] love is : Real
[x] are you in love ? Don't think so
[x] love or lust ? Love
[x] ever been broken-hearted ? Yes
[x] Do you believe in love at first sight ? Yes
[x] hugs or kisses : Kisses
[x] If you had to sing a song to the one you love, what would it be ? 'Ride into the Sun' Al Dickson
Opposite Sex[x] turn ons : Auburn Hair, Nice Eyes
[x] friends' opinion on your g/f? Single at the moment
[x] the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex did for you ? Looked after me when I bust up my forearm
[x] best place to have sex : Anywhere
[x] describe your ideal partner ever, intellectually and physically :Sweet and caring, silly, intelligent looks not important, likes music, open minded
[x] tall or short : short
[x] blonde or brunette : Auburn/ Brunette
[x] how do you show a girl/boy you fancy her/him ? I don't! I just sit around and do nothing
More About YOU![x] how are you today ? Good
.[x] what are you wearing right now ?Combats, guitar chord t-shirt, Aston Villa socks
[x] what does your hair look like at the moment ? Unkempt
[x] what are you listening to right now ? Scary - Mad Capsule Markets
[x] last time you had sex ? August
[x] last dream you can remember ? No Idea.
[x] who do you dream about ? Friends, Family
.[x] how many kids do you want to have ? 3
[x] plan on getting married ? Yes
[x] what are you most scared of ? Dying Alone

So there you have it! Anything else you need to know just ask!


Friday, January 14, 2005

Here I go again on my own!!

Well, still here, still rocking. It turns out Busted have split up! No real loss to music but that means that Sack Trick's Damonski will be jobless for a while. I've got a copy of Kiss The Elder to compare it to Sack Trick's (www.sacktrick.com) phemon, pemon, femonea, brilliant version! Sack Trick's is better, it tells the story and I know Chris will probably disagree with me but its my opinion!!! I'm glad I got to see Sack Trick live twice in December, they do rule and Roo is really cool and down to earth, Still haven't managed to sing 'Shout it out loud' with them yet. It was so nice to see Allie and Kay again, and to meet Fish in a Spaceship too! We're all mad we who are into Sack Trick. Anyway, keep in touch Cats and Kittens, I'm so LONELY here in Hull, no one loves me etc.....


Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'm Back Babies!!!

Well it seems to have taken ages but I'm finally back on line, we're now the proud owners of broadband and very nice it is too. Hello and a happy new year to everyone who comes here, just Allie and Kay then(!) Anyway its late more WILL follow tomorrow!!!



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