'Yeah I feel protected, but it don't mean I can't fly.

So SP4C3 infatuated, I could almost cry.'


~ Alex Dickson



Monday, September 20, 2004


Currently listening to that song by Rainbow, no the other one. So whats new? I've joined a gym!! Yep thats right cats and kittens its true. I've got an interview for a management job!! Yep thats true too. Its all coming together. I still have no date for my studio session but the way things are going that'll be soon too. There's two Sack Trick gigs I'm going to, Kingston and York and it will be awesome!!!!!!!! Check out the website for more info...


Anyway cats and kittens see you later.

P.S. I was gutted with the lack of replies concerning my last post. Shame on you all!!


Saturday, September 11, 2004

Whats new pussycat? WOAH WOAH WOAH!

Forgive the Tom Jones cats and kittens. Today is a strange day. I've been seeing a girl for a couple of dates and a few days ago she invited me round to her house. Well I turn up we watched a video and then I went home. I found this a little strange but, when I spoke to a friend he said that sometimes you'll have a date that you hate and found strange and boring but the girl loved it. I'm hoping that this is so coz I really like this girl and nothing would make me happier than dating her. Well apart from getting up to play with Sack Trick! Well new albums bought/ discovered recently......check em out let me know what you think.

Fulc are a Leeds based hard rock band who really are going places! Check out the website, download some of the tracks/ buy the album. They're worth it!
Antiproduct a great rock band. And Sack Trick related too!!
She's something different isn't she?! I really like Lisa's songs and style. Recently she's been doing some work with the incredibly talented but unfortunatley named: Dweezil Zappa, Frank's son.

Just three for you to check out this week cats and kittens. Hope you find something new that inspires you! And please let me know what you think.


Monday, September 06, 2004


Well Portugal ruled! I was really nervous about meeting up with Kay and Allie, mainly coz I was travelling on my own and I was worried that I'd given the wrong time to them and that they wouldn't show and I'd end up stranded in FARO. But they showed..."YEA!"....and the holiday began. On the first night I got incredibly drunk, I would have felt really bad but Allie joined me in being drunk and I'm sure Kay was at least tipsy! I love their family! Their Dad used into be a 70's rock band! (AWESOME) and their mum is really sweet and caring and really looked after me. I did feel a bit awkward and felt like I was invading their holiday so I tried to chip in by buying drinks and cooking a superb pasta dish! The first couple of days we spent working on a tan but stupid me burnt my legs and face quite early on but Kay came to the rescue with some hardcore burn cream which I thank her for. Most of the time we spent on the beach taking the piss out of the show offs, I mean Mr. Muscle who was massive! But had a really smal wife, we joked that he'd squeezed her so tight that she'd shrunk!!!! Mr. Shampoo was always flicking his long hair and showing off with his friends. One day we were joking and I said 'because you're worth it' and just at that moment he flicked his hair wildly. It was such a comedy moment!
Kay burnt her bootie and walked like a granny for a day and a half she couldn't sit down and was groaning when she walked. I must have drunk SOOO much beer it was crazy but because of the culture out there you take your time over drinks but still didn't stop me getting merry on a few occasions. I do think that I was a bit too cheeky with the girls but thats just my way. I do get oversilly but thankfully no one was hurt. When we met up with Kay's old flame Felipe I felt awkward too, most probably coz I didn't speak portugese and so Kay Allie and Felipe would have these immense conversations and i just sat there listening to Al! I did learn a few portugese words and phrases and the Mum said I had a good head for learning! I did appriciate the fact that the parents spoke French slowly so I could understand but sometimes it was a bit too slow and I felt like a right TOURIST! No harm done though. Allie and Kays Sister and family came near the end of the last week and there was twelve of us in the flat! There was the brother in laws brother who seemed too vain and it appeared like he was uninvited but Sila and Miguel are sooo nice that they were polite around him though from what I hear it seems that Allie and Kay fell out with him big style after I'd left. The kids were a good laugh though and Fernanda and her husband were really cool and friendly too.

All the way through the holiday we went to a karaoke bar whenever we could. At first I was nervous about singing but after a while you realise that you just have to go for it. There was this guy who looked like a cross between Orlando Bloom and Sponder from Sack Trick in fact we named him 'Sponder Bloom'. He was a good singer and kept singing loads of Bon Jovi. Lots of people got up to sing portguese songs so much that I got to learn one of them. Near the end of the two weeks there were two girls who were amazing! they looked good and could sing perfectly. I'm sure they were professional singers or at least had had singing lessons or something.

Kay and Allie are two of the sweetest people I've ever met. In fact I'm even considering naming one of my daughters (when I have one!) Magalie Kay Lynch. Its sounds so strange having only met them for two weeks but they were that cool and great and I'm so greatful for everything they did and I really hope that we meet up again soon.
Allie is as obsessed with Al as I am and we talked about his songs and how that they've met him many times and I told them about the time I met him in leicester and got really star struck! I'm terrible arn't I? I'm sure that if I was in a successful band I'd want people to treat me normally not go all squify and shy like I did. I sent Allie a birthday card recently I hope she got it?! And i need to pull my finger out and write more reviews and TABs for their ace website when its ready to go online.

There was so much that happened on the holiday that I can't remember all of it, I loved it when Kay got annoyed and she spoke really really really quickly and I loved the karaoke and I loved the nights out and the D'artangan and the cool conversations I had with Allie and going on a long walk with Dad and little dog timmy with the 'Bissou's'. I had a great holiday and didn't want to leave really and I can't wait to hook up with them again.




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